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Monday, October 30, 2006


Nota Bene: This is about how language of art is shown in the movie entitled "Bleu." I did not include the use of camera in here.
The movie “Bleu” is one of the best examples of art in which the visual elements of art can be vividly seen. The basic element of art is a line. Julie, the main character, copes with life as her husband and daughter passed away. The apartment where she transferred has a very sad atmosphere. It can be shown by the vertical line all over the place especially in the walls.
Light also plays a vital role in the film to make the scenes lonelier. The shading of the place is darkened during the scenes of Julie when she feels so down. The achromatic value scale is exemplified in this case.

The value in color of various scene ranges from dark to light color. Moreover, the light beams of color blue do add to the atmosphere being built in the story. It can also be noticed that the setting itself gives a very disheartening atmosphere. Most of the things in the setting of the story are color brown, which can also be considered as a warm color.
When it comes to texture, the film gives illusionary texture of the setting as well as of the characters’ clothing and the like. Lines are used here to make visual texture since viewers cannot touch the setting itself. Furthermore, pattern can be noticed in walls or even in cabinets in the apartment of the lead character. Specifically, a geometric pattern is used in the cabinet.
Shapes in a motion picture are very inevitable. The setting of this film has so many geometric shapes. Some are regular and others are not.
Indeed, “Bleu” evidently shows the language of art. Ω


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