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Friday, October 13, 2006

Exhausting Day!

Whew! This day is very terrible. It's so tiring, I tell you. I woke very early this morning. It was around 4:30 am because I had an exam at 7 a.m. It was my final exam in Math 54, the second to the last math subject I have to take. I was in hurry this morning to get there on time. Fortunately, I arrived them around 5 minutes before the testing hour. But the story didn't end there. I prayed hard to God to help me to get through with this burden. I knew God was guiding me throughout the exam. I needed a 99.++ % to achieve a grade of 1.0. But I knew it was very impossible so I really did not expect to get that grade. It's enough for me to get a grade of at least 1.5.. Errr... Though sounds impossible too. Anyway, the exam was quite easy and not as nerve-wrecking as my other exams. It was our last meeting in our Math class. I had to say goodbye to my professor and to my classmates. Math 54 ended this day. And I feel so light right now. I only have two exams left. After the final exam, I went to the mall to eat lunch. My tummy shrieked already and I couldn't help it anymore. Right after that, I returned to school, met my partner to accomplish our problem set in Statistics. It was nearing to 12 noon so that library had to close for an hour. My friends and I went out and chatting for a while. We went back to work with the problem set which, indeed, ate a lot of time for us to be able to solve each. My partnet and I shared a lot of stories too while doing the problems. We talked about our families, studies, alma maters, lifestyle and a lot more. Actually, it took us 4 hours to finish all those problems and to share those stories. I lack sleep so I felt quite weak then. I needed to have enough sleep and to rest for a day! I feel very exhausted after all the things that transpired today. Sigh...


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