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Monday, October 30, 2006

Fresh Strokes of Liberal Hands

Nota Bene: The SUSI Exhibit is still running until the end of this month in Metropolitan Museum in Roxas Blvd. That's tomorrow.
Future and fancy – these two are the main themes of the SUSI exhibit. Visual works included in the exhibit delve in the different views of Chinese painters of tomorrow.
Indeed, the exhibit can be considered as contemporary art because radicalism, mutation, fanciness, eccentricity, inspiration and liberalism are visible in the works in it.
Being radical of contemporary artists is shown in the paintings. For example, Rainbow presents different scenarios such as machineries, fire trucks, and buildings. Each painting has a rainbow with different things like McDonald’s, 7-11, The Café, Made in China and many others. This implies that, in the future, lives of people are governed with technology and industrialization. The primary focus of the paintings is the rainbow and not the scenes which only serve as background.
Apparently, the masterpieces in SUSI differ from that of ancient. Indeed, art is mutating. Artists are experimenting on the medium they are using to create their obra maestras. One model for this is the Ceramic Diorama. This art used monitors or televisions to show the said visual art. It shows different scenarios of the artist’s view of the future. Hijacking an airplane, caesarian operation, and assassination of a politician are some of the aforementioned scenarios.
Some of which are absolutely fancy. The best example is the Asian Tide. It is made up of plastic dinosaur dolls which create some sort of a wave. In this work, audience will be flabbergasted with the artists because it is very difficult to make a work like that. It really entails a lot of patience and perseverance.
In addition to that, there are also eccentric works of art. Audience can immediately differentiate some works from the others. Accumulating Eggs Project on the Sandy Beach and the New CCTV Bldg are good examples for this. Aside from the fascination the audience will get from them, the two stand out from the rest because they are made up of shining egg shells.
Furthermore, artists need inspirations to come up with an art. In the painting Two Arrows, a man is standing in front of a door in a dim place. At the top of the door is a board with two arrows on it. The painter might come from a place like that; that’s why he made it. Another example is the video on Where will I go?. This ponders on a short film on where the people will go in the future. Basically, it is a realization and a question in each person’s mind. The animated characters in the film shoulder a cross and some hold a thorn. This art perhaps inspired with religion. The artist might be involved in a religious movement or sector. In this case, he sourced his inspiration from religion and he sees the future as the last judgment.
Lastly, the artists now are liberal. They do any artworks because they feel like doing them, they want to express their thoughts, and they voice out their principles or philosophies through art. Some may make visual arts about religion, politics, ethnicity, gender or even race. Artists of today are not anymore boxed. They experience freedom in making a masterpiece they want to do. There are no tenets or rules now. What important is they can communicate with the audience with what they want to tell. This is contemporary art – liberal, radical, fancy and eccentric. Obviously, the artworks included in the SUSI exhibit have shown evidences of contemporary art. ©


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