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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Mosaically Amazing

Paper has different kinds. There are newspapers, tissue paper, art paper, oslo paper, construction paper, and many others. In the same manner, you can also have fun playing with paper in various ways by tearing it, twisting it, folding it, cutting it, and gluing it. And these things may serve as a leisure activity or hobby for people who suffer ennui. By simply arranging pieces of paper on a black space, you can already form a variety of shapes, designs, and other works of art. One of these ways to play with paper is by constructing a mosaic.

Pictures or decorations made by fitting together tiny bits of mosaic tile, linoleum, rocks, seeds, or papers into a pleasing design are called mosaics. The background of your design may take in assorted forms such as a piece of ceramic tile, a board, a tray, or even a flowerpot. You can do different kinds of mosaic like egg mosaic, grains mosaic and paper mosaic – the easiest kind to perform.

In doing a paper mosaic, few materials are only needed such as art paper, board paper, colored parchment paper, construction paper, a pair of scissors, cutter, pencil and glue. Tulip will be the design of the mosaic. In this case, red and green pieces of art paper, light blue colored parchment paper, construction paper or neon-colored paper, and any shade of yellow board paper are required.

If you already have the necessary materials, then you can start. First, make a margin of 1” x 1” in the parchment paper (8.5” x 5’). Use only pencil. After which, cut out the smaller rectangle (7.5” x 4”) without making any tear or damage in the excess paper by using a cutter. The excess paper will serve as the frame of the board paper. Put sufficient glue so that the border will hold to the base strongly.

Now, by using a pencil, make a rough sketch of a tulip in the board paper which is your base. Make use of squares and triangles in doing the sketch so that it will be easy for you to put the bits of art paper. Next, cut the green and red pieces of art paper into small squares and some into small triangles. See to it that they will fit the squares and triangle you have drawn in the base. Now, it is time to paste the pieces of art paper in the sketch. The red ones will be the flower and the green ones will be the stem and the leaves.

Get any color of construction paper to fill the remaining space. It is a good idea to always use the same unusual pieces of paper for mosaics – scraps of gold or silver or especially heavy paper. But in this case, you may make use of neon-colored paper. Cut it into small squares or into any shape you want to. Afterwards, glue them in the board paper to fill up the empty space. Let it dry for several minutes.

Presto! You have just made a tulip-designed paper mosaic… You may put it in the wall of your room to serve as a decoration or you may give this to your friend as a personalized gift.


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