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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

My Nest

“There is no place like home.” Yes, it may sound as a cliché but the adage is certainly true. Have you ever felt that you are very comfortable and free to do whatever you want to in other places aside from home? Perhaps, your answer will be a big No!

Staying at home for me is a habit. I am, indeed, a certified home buddy. After schooling, I go directly home. After tiring hours of staying in school, I feel a lot better at home.

My home is not as elegant as you think. It is not the sophistication of my home why I like it. It is what inside my home. But just to give a brief view of what I am talking about, my home is an ordinary one. Its size is a bit large for the three of us, my parents and me. What made my home distinct in our vicinity is that it is the only bungalow sandwiched between two tall houses. A green gate is the first thing you could see when you are about to enter it. My house is painted with light pink color with brown glass windows. Like any other home, there are the kitchen, living room, dining room, bath room, and, of course, bedrooms. The floor is covered with cloudy pink tiles that exactly complements with the coating of the walls of my home. Also, different kinds of orchids and small plants are located in the backyard.

With everything I have mentioned, absolutely, I always feel so comfortable in my home. The size is just right. The walls are coated with pinkish paint. The ambience is very pleasant to the eyes. The surroundings are full of serenity.

But aside from those, the gadgets that can be found in the living room make my leisure time pleasurable and somehow worthy. These are the television, radio, DVD player, computer, and telephone.

My newly-purchased television makes me forget my problems. When I am so exhausted from school, I just sit down, turn on the boob tube, and tune in to my preferred shows. My tired mood would be wiped off as my attention is being diverted with the shows. And as a matter of fact, it feed me the latest happenings in and out of the country and what’s hot and what’s not in the society.

Moreover, listening to the radio cools down my temper when I am problematic and depressed. As others say, “No music. No life.” Upbeat music from R & B icons uplifts my down-in-the-dumps spirit. And as I keep on tuning to the radio, I feel better and better.

Boredom is one of my worst enemies when I d o not have anything to do. It is when no one is available to talk with me and when the radio and the television air my least preferred songs and shows. The best remedy for this is my computer. It is located in the sala opposite to the television and near the telephone, for internet purposes. I switch it on and after a few minutes, I am online and chatting with my friend. Sometimes, I try to search friendship-oriented websites or I make my blogs and read others’ blogs.

Furthermore, when I am in the university, I do not talk too much because I only know a few people. And we do not share common interests. Thus, I have no choice but to keep it to myself until I get home. But once I get home, I finish my school stuffs immediately so that I can sit beside my computer and use the phone. It is the right time for me to babble a lot and to emancipate from being quiet in the school. Speaking with my pals takes about more than two hours causing my mother to get mad at me and warn me to hang up the phone or else. Indeed, telephone fills in my dull moments.

Living room is also, more often than not, my study area. Although I have a study place in my room, I would rather choose to study in the sala while watching TV. I do these two things at the same time because I can study better in a noisy place than in a serene place. In addition to that, the dark green-covered sofa set serves as my bed sometimes. I feel so good when I lie there while watching my favorite shows. However, the living room is not my favorite part of my home.

Additionally, the dining room makes my mouth stop watering as my eyes take a glance to the food served in the table. Unlike eating in cafeterias or food chains, I can eat food as much as my stomach craves for and in any way I feel comfortable. There are no eyes observing the way I eat or how much I like to eat. The dining room is between the living room and the kitchen so in just three steps, my tummy will be satisfied.

Maybe, it is everyone’s favorite place inside the house – the bedroom. Who’s not soothed when you are in bed? When I turn sleepy after phoning someone and accomplishing all the academic-related stuffs, I will just lie down and feel the warmth or coolness (it depends) the bed will offer to you. I would feel so consoled and somehow rejuvenated as I stretched my arms, legs, and more so with my back. Sometimes, I do exercises here. And when I say “sometimes,” it is most likely synonymous to “once in a blue moon.” In short, I just exercise when I feel like doing it. In addition to that, I recline whenever and wherever I like to do so. It is very relaxing like taking away my back aches and the like.

The next in the list is the bathroom. Aside from being cleansed in it, I also feel so much freedom there. I can do whatever I want. Definitely, I am speaking of only those things that sane people do. Oftentimes, even though I am out-of-tune, I sing at the top of my lungs pretending that I have a beautiful and high-pitched voice. It is also my way of redirecting my attention when I am sad and of expressing my emotions.

Though it is quite absurd, I feel the so-called “sense of belongingness” when I stay in the kitchen. It is not because I can smell the meals being cooked there but it is where my parents and I interact with each other by cracking up corny jokes or making fun of each other. While we are eating light snacks, I tell them stories about school and, in return, they also do.

Indeed, there is no reason for me to hate my home. There is comfort in it. There is belongingness in it. There is freedom in it. Hence, despite its simple physical attributes, there is no place like my home…


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