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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The Talk Of The Town – SEX!

It was a murky and leaden Saturday afternoon. I had stopped surfing the internet and chatting the moment I saw the long hand of the clock nearing to twelve and its short hand pointing to number four. Quickly, I switched off my computer, rushed to the living room and waited Y Speak! to start.

Changed, due to televiewers’ demand, from late midnights of Wednesday to Saturday’s 4 PM slot, Y Speak!’s feverish topic was all about sex and love. At first, when I heard and spotted its teaser, these words sprang in my mind: Oh Come On! Sex Again!?! I had no intention to watch that particular episode at that point of time though I’ve been feeling the hunger to view it because it wholly concerns the youth of today. All these vanished in a split of second. And I kept an eye on the entire episode.

The program’s proposition was “Luv B4 Sex” or “Sex B4 Luv.” Artists such as Dimples Romana, Christian Vasquez, Justin Cuyugan and two others (I forgot their name, actually, since they are not well-know), one of the controversial D’ Bodies (who really irked me a lot when she persisted her stand without any strong basis) and two students from FEU and Up acted as the debaters to stand by what they firmly believe in. Y Speakers, as what the program’s hosts call the invited analysts, were Arnel Ignacio, Dr. Holmes (a respected Sex Guru), and Fr. Robert Reyes (The Running Priest).
Armed with their very ideas ready to be voiced out, some of the “debaters” opined that “With sexual freedom comes with greater responsibility,” “Love is deep. Love has many meanings. It doesn’t matter if sex comes before or after,” and “Sex is very sacred. Dapat alam natin ang lahat ng ginagawa natin as the youth.”
Sex B4 Luv believers insisted that one should be sexually compatible with his partner. Sex should come first because, as they have said, love would develop eventually. Men and women should be responsible upon doing this; however, they must be socially secures and mentally prepared before they perform it.
Another point raised by the Sex B4 Luv advocates was there should be a transition in one’s life before getting into matrimony. Transition means after getting out from one’s parents’ skirts, he would live alone and then have a live-in partner before marriage.
The Running Priest uttered his words. He commented that maturity should have a more lasting basis and the live-in stuff is very dangerous of only to know the partners’ sexual compatibility.
To refute the stand of the Sex B4 Luv people, the Luv B4 Sex heads asseverated that the feeling is different when one makes sex with person he loves. They feel they are untied as one and not just merely releasing the “heat.” Forcefully, they said sex entails genuine love and respect with each other.
“If you consider sex before love, then you are no different to animals.” This statement caught my attention and made a great impact to my own view. Think of it. It is certifiably true.
As a conclusion to the show, Fr. Robert Reyes told everyone, as what he has observed with the rapidly changing world, that the institution of marriage, family and the definition of love are in crisis.
Research says that there are 500,000 (no kidding!) elementary students who have sex and 16-24 years old is the age range for sexual exploration. With all these eye-popping facts, Fr. Reyes tells the truth about the youngsters of this new generation.
While I was watching the DECS-endorsed show, I became nostalgic. I remembered my junior days when our Religion teacher had taught us the sins against the Ten Commandments specifically the sixth commandment, “You shall not commit adultery.” Two of such that are interrelated with the abovementioned proposition are pre-marital sex and fornification. All knows what is pre-marital sex, no need to expound it. On the other hand, the latter, as what I learned, is defined as a sexual union between a man and woman outside the sacrament of marriage. Examples are those who live-in and have only civil marriage. Very evident they are nowadays, most especially in the case of the minors. Thus, morality melts away while immorality dominates the human kind.
The youth, as early as at the age of 12 or so, should communicate with their parents regarding sex education so that the instances I have mentioned can be avoided. Moreover, they should be taught of shouldering the sense of responsibility in everything they do including when entering relationships. In that time, they should be equipped with a right frame of mind and they should think hundred times.
Perhaps, one of the major factors why the young bloods of today get into that ever-famous three-letter-word is being ignorant of our surroundings. Even education, which is considered by many as one of the foundation of one’s totality, is not valued the way it should be.
To know if there is sexual compatibility between partners is not a sufficient ground to make sex and then love afterwards. Indeed, this idea is vague. But, on the other hand, when one loves a person, therefore, it means, he is committing himself to his partner regardless if they are not “sexually compatible.” It involves respect, kindness, and trust with each other. Thus, being intangible of love.
How about you? Which do you prefer “SEX B4 LUV” or “LUV B4 SEX”? Reflect on it hundred times. Otherwise, YOU ARE NO DIFFERENT TO ANIMALS!!!


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