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Thursday, December 21, 2006

“Kings are subject to priests”: What would happen to the Philippine Politics?

The term “king” today refers to the politicians who are governing the country while the word “priest” refers to the Church clerics. Hence, the belief of St. Thomas, which is “Kings are subject to priests,” if applied to the Philippine setting, might result to a conflict between the two parties.
The Philippines obeys the rule of separation of the state and the Church, as stated in the Constitution. It implies that whatever the politicians want to implement in the country is not the business of the Church. Nevertheless, the Church still comments on political issues concerning the citizens. Now, what if the Church would head the officials in making decisions with regard to the nation? The possible effect, in general, is a conflict between the two parties. The issues on Constituent Assembly and on birth control are examples on which the two differ on their viewpoints.
The government wants to implement family planning to Filipinos as the best solution for overpopulation. The Church is definitely against it because it infringes one of the doctrines in the Bible, which is “to go and multiply.” If the government would be subjected to the Church, then the Church would absolutely interfere with family planning methods the government would like to impose. It will not permit the people to use condoms, contraceptives, and all.
Moreover, the talk-of-the-town, which is the “ConAss,” is now being debated by many sectors including the religious sector particularly the Catholic Bishops' Conference of the Philippines (CBCP). The CBCP dubbed “ConAss” as "fraudulently illegitimate" and "scandalously immoral" (Lagarde, 2006). They question the way the Congress eagerly wants the ConAss to push through because it is suspicious and improper. On the other side, the congressmen as well as Pres. Arroyo yearn for charter change because they see it as the answer for the problems being faced by the country like poverty, enactment of laws, and many others. If the CBCP would administer Cha-cha, they would prefer Constitutional Convention (Con-con) as the mode of revision of the constitution whose members are elected by the people (Lagarde, 2006).
Apparently, the Church has its own perspectives on national issues based on the Christian doctrines stipulated in the Bible. Thus, if the government would be under the Church, the decisions they will make will be monitored by the Church clerics, and the Church will assure the public that the decisions will be Christianized and will be beneficial for all the citizens. ■


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