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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Why is the World so Superficial?

Has this question popped up in your mind? Well, in my case, it always has so many times. Indeed, the world is looked as a place for those who are nice and good-looking fellas. When switch on the television, a lot of celebrities are very conscious with what they wear and on how they look in the boob tube. Oftentimes, they wear a lot of accessories and apparel designed by famous fashion designers. They have a lot of make-up to make them stand out from a crowd. Moreover, they are always dressed up. Their hair styles show what’s ‘in’ in the fashion world. Also, there are programs who advocate plastic surgeries and all to make the ugly duckling an exotic princess or prince. And this fact really does make the other ‘ugly ducklings’ very unconfident with themselves. This is the psychological effect of media to their viewers. Viewers want to be like the celebrities who are very fashionable, and if they were not able to achieve this, that ‘psychological effect’ would come into existence. Magazines and other print media do the same thing to their readers. And those who can afford the available solutions for the ‘ugly duckling’-ness and who are already gifted with nice looks discriminate those who are not like them. It seems that love is undefined for a couple who are composed of an ‘ugly duckling’ and a good-looking being. Those who are gifted would not dare to have commitment with those who do not belong to their species. This is the reality that always slaps my face every day I wake up from bed. Worldup from bed. it that always slaps my face every day i ent with those who do not belong to their species.brities who are ver is, indeed, a place of discrimination and inequity. There are people who discriminate and who are discriminated. Oh why is the world so superficial? Is it still possible to say that the world is fair?


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